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Lauren from Prescott, Arizona took one of our large Habanas for a test drive recently; here’s what she had to say…

I’ve developed a true respect and affection for this notebook. I use it to record my textiles activity: ongoing projects, lists, dreams, materials, reference charts, etc. It’s a perfect size to throw into any type of project bag (or handbag). The construction feels ballistic solid: I imagine it will last the years it will take me to fill the journal, and that it will look as new when that time comes as it did when it arrived last November. The elastic piece that keeps the journal closed is perfect.

I use the blank pages in the front to write up reference charts, the pocket in the back for miscellaneous patterns. The Clairefontaine paper is delightful. I write mostly with a mechanical pencil or fountain pen on the paper, and both look great and hold up like new. The paper is beautiful, smooth, and accommodating. The bookmark perfect for setting the place where I’m working. (Does make me dream of a notebook with a few, different colored bookmarks! 🙂

Thank you so much for this wonderful notebook! It’s truly a delight. Inspirational. Practical. I’m fantasizing about one for each category of my life! (And a larger one for each of the smaller ones. 🙂

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  1. I love this notebook too. The only things that could make it more perfect are versions in blank or grid paper (like in the Clairefontaine basics). But I agree on how solid and sturdy it feels, and how well it stands up to being carried around.

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