Notebooks and professional development

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Here’s another idea from our friend Greg Davis that should work for non-attorneys, too:

I’ve started using the Habana Notebooks for various journal type duties. I have one for all my notes about the jury trials I’ve done — keeping track of the good things, or bad things for each trial, what happened and what mistakes I made that I never want to repeat.

It reminded me of Diane’s guest post about keeping track of what she does at work each month… In any case, it sounds like a very good way to keep yourself inspired and find ways to improve!

2 thoughts on “Notebooks and professional development

  1. I’ve kept a “book of jobs” since 1985. I write down every task I’ve worked on each day. Makes things like weekly and monthly reports much easier, and is an invaluable source when the yearly appraisals come around and you need a “significant accomplishments” list. My current book is a casebound Red and Black journal.

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