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We’ve gotten a couple of emails lately from people who use our products as nature journals, keeping track of special outings and recording what’s around them at home.

One reader in southwest Wisconsin uses a daily undated Exacompta Forum journal to track birds and other species. “I had been looking for one with dates but not days to use year after year,” she writes. The undated Forum, “while it wasn’t what I thought I wanted, works perfectly… It’s the right size, it has a lovely feel, and the lines are not too far apart.”

Greg Davis, a Milaca, MN based attorney who switched back to paper planners after a courtroom ban on cell phones, has been using a Habana to keep track of fishing outings. “I have been bitten by the Steelhead fly fishing bug and need to keep track of the outings so I can see what works… temperature, weather, water levels, water conditions, etc.,” Greg writes. (That’s his 26″ Hen in the photo above.)

It helps me see where I went wrong with the birding journal I started last year, then abandoned. I’d been using a day-per-page Notor, but after a while it seemed foolish since we don’t get a lot of variety here in Brooklyn on a daily basis, and the rest of the journal was sort of just going to waste. Still, it *is* nice to keep track of dates as well as species. I suppose it should have been obvious, but I’d never thought about using an undated journal or notebook, and keeping it for years to come!

Do you keep a nature journal?

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  1. Oh my… Somewhere back in the early 90’s, I bought a small blank leather covered journal from Levenger and had “Biff’s Bird Book” embossed on the cover. Though I am no longer an active birder, it has spanned over 10 years of watching the feeder and taking nature hikes.

    I like the idea above of a journal with dates not dates, because if you went out the same day in consecutive years, you could make comparisons.

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