Do you stand or sit when you write?

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There are a lot of things I enjoyed about that Lapham’s Quarterly chart I blogged about last week — for instance, the discovery that Victor Hugo fought procrastination by giving his clothes to a valet and telling him not to return them until he’d finished writing.

Another point that got me thinking was the fact that several authors wrote while standing up. Ernest Hemingway stood at his desk, Thomas Wolfe used the top of his refrigerator, and Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens composed poetry while doing chores and walking. And then there’s Jonathan Lethem, who’s jury-rigged a system that involves a treadmill and a cordless keyboard.

I have a normal desk and can’t imagine replacing it, but if I had some extra space I would love to get some sort of supplementary stand-up system… What do you think? Do you write standing up, or want to?

4 thoughts on “Do you stand or sit when you write?

  1. A few years ago Levenger sold a stand-up desk and claimed that Sir Winston Churchill used a stand-up desk. It seems I remember them also selling a ? to set on your desk. Once on your desk its writing surface was stand-up height. Levenger has offered them in quite awhile, so I take it that no one really wants to stand up and write more than a quick note.

  2. I get many great ideas while walking, driving, running, and even while dozing off to sleep and jot those ideas down in a journal or on scraps of paper, but I have never tried actually writing while standing up… May be worth a try!

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