What makes a good engagement/wedding journal?

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A reader from Texas has a great idea for his daughter’s upcoming wedding, and he’s looking for advice:

I want to give journals to both my daughter and her fiance to record their thoughts and feelings while their hearts and brains are still mushy and creative. To be read at their anniversaries and low points. Do you have any suggestions?

What kind of a journal would you recommend? Something with a bit of structure, like a daily diary, or a more free-form notebook like the Habana or the Webbie? Any other ideas?

3 thoughts on “What makes a good engagement/wedding journal?

  1. I am the proud father of the bride-to-be. I called my future son-in-law and asked him if he would be interested in a journal. He told me that they already had a “love note” journal. They have two simple rules: No one has to write in it, and no one has to read it. Of course, they trade it back and forth very often, sometimes more than once a day.

    When I suggested an engagement journal they were both interested. With Karen’s help, I gave them both a small Habana. Robyn wanted a red one while Eli felt more comfortable with a black cover. I asked each of the Mothers and Fathers in-law to write a blessing in the front of the journal and merely suggested that the bride and groom keep a journal of their thoughts, dreams, prayers and hopes during their engagement. They could share them as a part of an anniversary or encouragement.

    Now I am thinking of starting one for my bride of 24 years. It may do me good to tell her all over again.

    It gives me great pleasure to give journals to them….I can share (or at least initiate) what may be a very intimate part of their relationship without intruding. Isn’t that what giving a journal is all about?

  2. First off, Congratulations to the Father of the Bride.

    As a life long journal writer my suggestion would be something like the Habana. The free open format will allow each of them to make the book “their own,” plus it’s available in a multitude of different colors which will personalize his from hers and will look nice on any shelf, in any place they decide to store them when they are finished. Then there is the paper. It is accepting of a lot of different pens and ink whether they use fountain pen, ball point or even pencil (of course, not recommended.)

    If they are journaling people who utilize this gift you intend to give them, they will treasure the word they write at this point in their lives long into the future, plus the children will have an opportunity to get an indepth look at their parents in the newness of young love.

    Best Wishes for the Happy Couple!

  3. I’d go with the Habana and/or Webbie. Some days will have longer entries than others. These are portable with the elastic, so they can toss them in their bags/purses/cars.

    Definitely one each so they can record their own thoughts.

    But how about another set of 2, in passion red, so they can write love stuff to each other and swap every week. Maybe after the wedding, it can continue whenever they have to be apart for travel. Maybe the smaller size so it can hide in lunch bags or jacket pockets and surprise each other with something loving to read on a lunch break?

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