Taking planners beyond planning

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I’ve been meaning to blog about this great post at Plannerisms for weeks, and was reminded of it recently during our discussion of switching planner formats. If you’ve got an extra planner, Laurie has some great suggestions for putting it to use — a phone log, meeting notes, a meditation record… which in turn reminds of one of Stephanie’s old posts, where she talked about using a Notor as a daily journal.

I used to use a Notor as a bird watching journal, but alas, the habit didn’t stick: we don’t get enough species here for me to want to record everything I see each day, so eventually I just decided to keep a running list in one of my Habanas instead. I do use a Monthly 4 as a garden planner, but other than that, it’s just me, my Sapa X, and my meetings and appointments.

Do you have any other creative non-planning planner uses?

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  1. I have one specifically for a financial journal. It’s a place that I can log all my calculations, thoughts, and plans (along with financial to-do lists). I also keep a log of what I charge on my credit cards, which is part of my budget system.

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