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All 2011 planners with Club or Soya covers will be sold with an elastic bookmark.   The bookmark also works as a ruler with measurements in inches and cm.   The reverse side has “Quo Vadis” in several different languages.   “Quo Vadis” means “Where are you going?” – a good question for planning your time.

Bookmarks can be sold separately by retailers if they choose to buy them. They are sold in a pack of 10.

I have a few extra in the office  I would be happy to send to our QV blog readers.   Please send us a quick note with your mailing address via the Contact Us form on the blog.

You can have a look at photos of them here.

10 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Bookmark

  1. If I want to buy a 10 pack of the elastic bookmarks, how would io go about doing so? I have one someone gave me in jr high and it’s finally worn out. my friends love it and I would like nothing more than to be able to give them all one.

  2. I am ecstatic that found Quo Vadis planners (thanks to Laurie from Plannerisms, above) after more than a month-long search because my previous planner was a Leuchtturm 1917 weekly planner that I was not able to find anywhere in the US. I am currently in the process of ordering a Trinote and since I can’t see or feel the covers, I’d like to ask what the main textile and weight differences are between the Vinyl, Soya, and Club covers? Also, which is your favorite?
    I am hoping for something that feels soft, smooth, and that won’t scratch easily. I was thinking of going with the Soya (jade) or Vinyl (apple green) covers, though I may go for the Club (bamboo) cover even though I don’t like the texture, because I LOVE the color.
    Thanks for the insight!

  3. That’s great they will come in a variety of colors!

    When I click on the link to look at the bookmarks, it says Protected and asks for a username and password.

  4. Beth, thank you for the suggestion. We have six colors for Soya covers and nine for Club. Some are deep and dark and others are pastel. As a first start, we tried to get colors that *work* with everything. If the elastic closure is well-received we can branch out to other color designs.

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