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It’s difficult to imagine that we had 20+ inches of snow last weekend, cause this weekend was beautiful: sunny, clear, with temperatures that had you peeling off gloves and scarves and even coats as you walked around.

I’ve been dreaming of spring ever since last summer, which seems to be something of an occupational hazard of gardening. This year, I’m prepared for it, too. I’ve already decided what I want to grow and ordered my seeds. I’ve also figured out exactly when I should start them, thanks to this nifty new Monthly 4 planner Karen gave me. In the past, I usually waited until the weather was warm, then scrambled to get my seeds started. Thanks to the Monthly 4, I’m already ahead of the game, and my tomatoes and brussels sprouts are sitting in peat planters on the windowsill.

I’ve never used a monthly planner, but I can tell it’s gonna be great. First of all, the calendar pages give me a great way to keep track of what I need to do, and get an overview of plantings, germination times, etc.

The notes pages at the back let me go into in more detail, and record stuff like what varieties I planted, how many plants I’m aiming to grow, and so on. I’m sure I’ll figure out more ways to put it to use as the season goes along.

Do you garden? Karen has two extra Monthly 4s in the office, waiting to be raffled off to the first two people who contact us to claim them. One has a spring green club cover, and the other has a Jade soya cover, so let us know which one you’d prefer and we’ll do our best to coordinate.

Good luck!

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