How often do you switch planners?

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We often hear from people who are trying to decide between several different planning formats, or who’ve used a particular format for years but have always been curious about another one. As a Business user recently explained: “I still love the others and am pondering excuses to use them all, somehow.”

I totally know the feeling — I’ve been a Sapa X user for years, but have always wondered if I should try a format like Space 17 or Rhodia, with weekly note-taking space. Still, my jury-rigged time management system doesn’t make me feel like I *need* weekly note-taking space, so never I’ve indulged the curiosity. Though I did just find an excuse to use a Monthly 4!

What do you do when you see a new format that you like? How do you decide whether or not you’re going to switch?

4 thoughts on “How often do you switch planners?

  1. I love planners too. I too thought there was something wrong with me for being attracted to using different kinds.

  2. I love planners and trying new formats also, but instead of considering it a “sickness”, I just figure that as “fetishes” go, it’s a pretty harmless one 😉 I use a different one every year, still hoping to find the ideal one. I think my ideal would be a little bigger Notor but with the nice monthly and semi-annual pages in the front and back like the Journal 21, and more Notes pages in the back. Who knows what I’ll try next year!

  3. B Irwin, the Exacompta Daily Pocket really is pocket sized, with a day per page. Very portable, handy little book with lots of the same features as the Journal 21 (monthly calendars etc). Might be the answer for you!

    I change my planners all the time. Like, weekly. It’s a sickness! I just love planners and I love trying new formats!

  4. I get both. In the case of this year, I knew the Journal 21 was too big to keep hauling around in my purse, but needed the space to document events. So I retired it to my desk and got a weekly format for the purse.

    I’m still not thrilled with the weekly and wish a daily paged journal came in a smaller size, even if it wasn’t necessarily thinner.

    Best of all would be if small volumes of address book and calendar came separately so I could tuck them in opposite pockets and ditch the purse completely.

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