Helping hoarders II: Geralin in action

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UPDATE: These clips are no longer available on YouTube, though you can still see them on Geralin’s website.

Last week, we interviewed professional organizer Geralin Thomas about her work on A&E’s Hoarders. This week, you can see her in action: Geralin just put up a bunch of clips on her YouTube page that show how she helps hoarders make decisions about the items in their homes. Of the clip above, she writes:

Missy told me she will “never” get to the post office to return a few things she purchased on line that weren’t wanted/needed. She wanted to have the merchandise credited to her account but “couldn’t” get to the post office. She, like many hoarders, use a lot of “all or nothing” language.

Hoarders often think of the worst case scenarios. For example, some “know” how things will turn out. Some think in extremes. Missy’s statement, “I’m never going to get to the post office” was one of many.

She would most likely benefit from accomplishing very small goals, like returning an item or two for a refund. I don’t think she was hanging onto the return items because it was too difficult to let them go. There were many items she was happy to donate/discard. She believed it was too hard to get to the post office.

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  1. great point addressing clearing clutter they lose their momentum when having to keep making decisions – most people do not realize this and this goes for the person who is getting rid of stuff and the professional working with that person.

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