Days and weeks and stress

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Our weekly planners are more popular than our daily formats, but daily has its core users. One recent convert wrote in with an interesting rationale:

As I was starting to fill things into my planner I was like: wow, this is so much less stressful looking than my old planner was.

Daily planners are more “stress-less” because you can use them with a “one day at a time” mentality.

As always, it depends on your particular habits and schedule, but I thought it was a very good point!

2 thoughts on “Days and weeks and stress

  1. To be honest, I use weekly, monthly and daily planners.

    I write appointments, holidays and events on my monthly planner so I can see what’s coming up that I need to prepare for. (Monthly 4)

    I use my weekly planner for everyday planning, both daily and long-term. Everything in my world goes into my weekly planner. (Minister)

    I use my day-per-page planner during those times when I have so much going on that it’s too overwhelming to see the whole week at once. I like having an entire page to capture everything I need to do, and to note everything I did. (Journal 21)

    I find this system to be very flexible, and I can easily adapt it to my needs.

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