Vintage Quo Vadis ads

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QV ad

I found these images recently when I was straightening up my desktop (New Year’s resolution: keep my files better organized).

Karen sent them to me years ago, and it’s just madness that I’ve never blogged about them, because they’re totally interesting. Here, for example, is a montage of old print ads (click through to see a larger version):

Old ads

And here’s an office display that seems to have been set up for a trade show booth or something:

Office display

Here’s a simpler trade show display:

Trade show display

And here’s an old product display. Dig that mod-ish logo design!

Sales display II

5 thoughts on “Vintage Quo Vadis ads

  1. Amazing to see how long the Minister/President format has been around for – it has obviously worked for millions over the decades! Beyond this, pure eye candy! If only the covers hadn’t been (and still are) PVC…

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