More torture! Habana v. Webbie v. Moleskine

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Let me preface this by saying that nearly everyone keeps a variety of different notebooks, made by different brands, in regular rotation. We know that. We endorse that. And we all have different needs/preferences in terms of writing instruments; fountain pen users love our heaviest, 90g paper, while others need nothing more than a few pages of lightweight 64g to receive their gel pens and rollerballs and pencils.

But Karen and I were nonetheless intrigued to see pen maker Brian Goulet’s recent vlogs over at Ink Nouveau. As you may remember, Brian likes to subject the notebooks and stationery that his company sells to various acts of ink-related torture. A couple weeks ago, he put a Habana, a Webbie, and a Moleskine to a head-to-head bleedthrough test with a couple drops of J. Herbin. That video’s embedded above, so you can see the results for yourself.

Brian’s since done more detailed comparisons of Moleskine vs. Habana and the Moleskine vs. Webbie to discuss size, thickness, price, and all the other factors that help determine which notebooks best fit your needs. In a world where you can’t always try before you buy, they’re great tools to aid your decisions.

To learn more about Brian and his pens, check out this profile at Rhodia Drive!

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  2. That’s right, no paper is safe in my hands! Actually, the whole torture test idea was a mistake, I was using Triomphe paper to catch ink as I was trying to photograph it dripping from a pen nib….lo and behold, the paper held up remarkably well compared to some other copy paper I had used. I thought ‘why not do it on all my paper?’. There will be more torturing to come, for sure!

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