Know a good lighted pen?

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Like many people, I often have ideas about work or writing projects right as I’m falling asleep. I know I won’t remember them when I wake up, so I keep a little notepad and pen next to my bed to jot them down.

Here’s the thing: If I use a regular pen, I run the risk of not being able to decipher my groggy, sleep-blind scrawl when I wake up. I thought I’d solved that problem a couple years ago at the Museum of Natural History gift shop, where I found an inexpensive ball-point pen whose barrel had a light in it. It was perfect”it gave me just enough light to see what I was writing without disturbing anyone or jolting me awake.

But the light bulb broke after a couple of months, and since nobody had any idea where I could replace it, I ended up consigning the pen to daytime use and buying another like it on eBay. That pen, too, has since fallen apart, despite my best efforts to keep its inexpensively made pieces in line.

In the age of cheap manufacturing, is there anyone out there who makes a high-quality version of this pen? I realize it’s a novelty item, and it’s not like I’m about to shell out big money for it. But I can’t, in good environmental conscience, buy another cheapie with the expectation that it’ll last a few months or a year, then break and be thrown in the trash.

Got any recommendations?

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  1. Rather than a lighted pen, Fisher Space pens makes a not pad that when the pen is removed from it’s rest a little light comes on to light the pad. It runs a little higher priced than similare type products, but might be a better long term solution to your situation.

    I have the Pilot pen referenced above and is okay, but have been wanting the Fisher NiteNote pad. (I also keep a flashlight under my pillow.)

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