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Lots of people write in with good suggestions for tweaks to our planning formats, and often those tweaks take the form of supplements or additions. More space for notes is a popular one. Another popular idea, at least for those formats that don’t already have it, is adding a monthly view that would supplement a daily or a weekly planner.

First of all, let me say that we are always grateful for your suggestions, because it helps us understand how people actually use our planners. Also, they do make a difference, as Karen has described. But when it comes to adding pages, we face a problem: if we add pages to our planners, for the most part, then we have to delete other pages. We can’t make the planners larger because the refillable covers would be useless”the planner inserts wouldn’t fit. (Of course, they could stretch a little bit, and as Karen will describe later, we are indeed planning to make notes supplements for the Business and Minister planners.)

So periodically we ask: what would you like to add? And more importantly, in exchange, what would you eliminate? An address book seems quaint to me in this era of Outlook and cell phones, but maybe there are still people who prefer to store that stuff in their planners. Similarly, the maps and reference materials”I like that they exist (though I rarely consult them), and it’s true they come in handy while traveling, but as Marty pointed out, Google can give you the same information with much greater specificity

So, what do you think? Should we do an annual bound book (i.e., not refillable) with extra pages for notes and calendars? Would you be willing to pay more for that expanded edition? Or should we try to find a way to fit those things into our current planners, or create special supplements for them?

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  1. ( … sorry my bad English, I hope you understand what I mean)
    The QuoVadis could provide some agendas that came with the stripes on the sheets in the left margin is double sided tape. Who wants to can write more notes on those sheets, then remove the protective adhesive tape, paste the paper on the right edge of QuoVadis and fold the paper inside.

  2. I work totally from paper address books and planners. Too often I’ve been places in the world that electronics were a liability and/or crashed on me.

    Why not separate packs of address book, notes, and info inserts? If there are pocket parts to slide the the back of planners the way updates used to slide into the back of law books pre-computers, it would let us buy as much or as little insert as we wished and add them.

    I could run thru address and notes inserts like crazy!

    My only concern would be the binding. There are times when I need something flexible that will slip into purses, pockets, coats, bags where hardback books won’t go.

    And I NEED the world holidays and religious holidays to plan around since my world is diverse and international.

  3. I like Passion’s idea: I could pop an information/ maps insert in the front cover and a notes insert in the back and I’d be good to go.

    (And just for the record, I keep all of my contacts and addresses in a paper address book. Just because I don’t trust technology! It could be argued that I am obsolete.)

  4. The most important thing to me for a planner is that it must have a monthly section before I even consider using it. This is the only way I can see what’s happening in a few days, a week, or even four. Take out the address book that is a waste of paper and space. I haven’t used that in my whole life and you are correct, outlook and other programs have made paper address books obsolete.
    If you remove the information in the front of the book, I won’t be shedding any tears but people like Plannerisms do use it so perhaps you can make it an insert like the notes section you are planning on making. People can choose to buy either a notes insert, a address book insert, or the information/maps insert. Not sure if that’s feasable but you can edit my ideas.
    Thanks for reading!

  5. I would pay more for a bound book with maps, dialing codes and other international information as well as notes pages and monthly calendars.

    But I am definitely of the “more is more” mindset. I like to have a lot of information with me at all times!

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