Competitive pen spinning

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Anyone else remember spinning pens during high school math and science classes? A simple, around-the-thumb loop was the only trick I ever came close to mastering (and I daresay I’ve since lost all aptitude), but there was a period in, like, 9th and 10th grade when pen spinning seemed to be everywhere.

Of course, nobody at my school had anything on the spinners at this Hong Kong tournament, some of whom even use special weighted pens and practice at home for hours. Apparently, you can’t actually write with those pens, but one mother’s comments may nontheless strike home for us fountain pen collectors. “The only thing I don’t like about it is he wastes a lot of money because he spends a lot of money on pens,” she says of her competitive son. As for the practicing, she continues, “I think it is a spirit that should be encouraged.”

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  1. I used to do this. In fact, it was part of what led me into fountain pens to begin with – even though they can’t be spun.

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