Color and line: The art of Christian Skagen

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Karen recently struck up a conversation with Norwegian artist Christian Skagen, who shared some of the vibrant ink-and-hot-pressed-paper drawings he’s been making for a series entitled “Horizontal Fields.” Here, for example, is a drawing Christian made with a Sailor Sapporo EF, 300gsm Arches HP, and J. Herbin’s Rose Tendresse:

Here are close-ups of the three works that are framed at the top of this post (be sure to click the image to see a larger version and appreciate the full intricacy and texture of the lines):

Karen just sent Christian a care package with more ink, and we look forward to featuring his new work as it’s finished. In the meantime, you can learn more about him on his website and his English-language blog.

One thought on “Color and line: The art of Christian Skagen

  1. That’s pretty interesting to know that I’m not the only one creating art with ink.

    I’ve been covering sketchbook pages with ink and then doodling over it, or using a masking substance on he paper to create a design and then inking over top of it and then removing the masking material so the original paper color shows through. Kind of like a batik dying technique. You can see some of these images here:

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