What Can You Do With Old Planners?

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A week or so ago I received this question via email: “I have been hooked on the Journal 21–what a great product!…the paper is excellent quality–do you know if prior years of the Journal 21 are available for a discount, etc. I don’t suspect that you could sell them at full price as the year has passed, but for a discount they’d make good doodling books.”

That was a very interesting question and got me to thinking:   should we offer our old planners for a dollar or two for people to buy?  

Every year we get requests for old datebooks:   for tax purposes, mostly, but other reasons, too.   One woman came to the office looking for last year’s version because she needed to provide a chronicle of her cancer treatment.   An author wanted a datebook from 2006 to set out the storyline of her book on the exact dates of that year. We have used them to experiment with Decopatch paper to create altered book covers.  

How would you use an old planner?

8 thoughts on “What Can You Do With Old Planners?

  1. Turn them over so I could ignore the dates and use them for notebooks. Same great paper, the Journal 21s are lined [mine got used to death!], and it would be a great way to keep them out of landfills.

  2. just as a regular notebook really, I always add my own dates. It would be interesting to go back and write about something that happened on that date last year as a history project.

  3. I picked up a bunch of Textagenda planners last year on clearance at a local bookstore for $1-2 each, including the reusable cover. I use them as notebooks–they’re a good size to carry around, and the format works well for lists I need to memorize. I hope to find some more on clearance in a few weeks! 🙂

  4. Frame or collage the pages of importance, especially great days (children birth, etc) Frame great pics or art created or save them in order to have a witness to your life…

  5. Those are some great ideas that I never thought of. I especially like the idea of using an older one to track a book timeline.

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