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If good suggestions come in threes, it’s time to put this to a vote: would you be interested in an unlined planner? Jeff Abbott made the suggestion in a comment to an earlier post, where it was seconded by NateB.

Then Kim Brugger mentioned how busy the pages of her Minister looked, which I suspect has a lot to do with the lines.

At the moment, our only unlined planner is the Sapa X; I use it, and I’m definitely a fan of the clean and simple format. But it’s a relatively small planner, and that’s not to everyone’s taste.

Anyway, if you have an opinion one way or the other, talk to us! Let us know what you envision (is it a daily or a weekly planner? is it big or small? does it offer different boxes for organization, or just present you with one big, blank page?), or tell us why you think it would never work for you.

7 thoughts on “To line or not to line

  1. I like the lines of the Notor I am using right now. As B Irwin stated having faint lines so as not to attract too much attention and be easily ignored, the Notor lines also provide a nice organized feel and look for those of us that want to write on them. I personally like to draw in my own vertical lines if I really want them, since it is rather rarely. As of now, I have been using my planner as a all-in-one: planner, timer, and even diary.

  2. An unlined Planner just seems like an oxymoron to me. Depending on how it was done though it might be okay. Why not get a Habana if you want plan paper?

  3. I’m a ruled, no margins kind of planner. Otherwise I sprawl to fill the available space. The lines let me block out time before and after appointments. I prefer college rule to notebook spacing. But the lines should be faint enough I can ignore them when I want.

    But I suspect I could manage with the vertical under each day sort of planners as well.

    Or mixed perhaps? Days marked out on one page, with room to draw and take notes on the other? I think one of the planners is similar to this, but I’m too tired to go find which one.

    What I really want is Sunday treated like every other day. Modern weeks and schedules don’t follow the format set centuries ago when everything was shut on one day of the week. And 9 to 5 is a myth, as I’ve never in my life been able to limit my work to those hours!

  4. Well, I’m gonna be a weirdo now and go for the Graph option. A small week-over-two-pages planner with graph. Little squares act as subconscious mind organiser for me. I’m yet to find it though.

  5. It would be great with an unruled planner. Like Laurie I’d also like a weekly desk planner and also an unlined diary (an ordinary portable with one week per spread)in the same style as the desk week planner with vertical boxes, just as Laurie suggests for the desk planner. I also prefer vertical boxes to horisontal ones. Such a diary would actually be awesome.

  6. While I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago I found an unlined day-per-page planner at Waterstones (their own brand) and I immediately thought of Jeff’s comment about just such a thing. At the top of each page it had the day and date, and any holidays for that day, and the rest of the page was completely blank: no lines, no boxes, nothing. Great for “out of the box” thinkers who want to use their planner page for mind maps, diagrams/ sketches, etc. I would love to see QV do a line-free daily planner.

    I would also love to see a desk-size weekly planner with vertical boxes (not horizontally aligned) that are line-free. That way I could write notes, appointments, priorities, whatever in the blank space. I don’t normally have many timed appointments per day, but I do have a lot of tasks, reminders, and notes each day that don’t fit in a particular time slot, so just an open box would be very useful for me. But vertical, so I can write the day out as a list. Horizontally-oriented daily boxes don’t work for me!

    Thank you so much for being so responsive to your customers!

  7. I would love it if the weeks were left unlined. I draw myself little pictures and write important reminders in bubble letters as well as illuminate big days so the lack of lines would be great.

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