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I’ve said it before, but everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect planner. Most of us muddle through by selecting the company and format that best suits our needs, and perhaps a bit of customization.

Some dedicated souls, however, bust out their pens and their rulers and make the planner of their dreams. As a non-crafty person, I’m in awe of the patience this requires. But I can certainly see the appeal; after all, what other planning system can claim to be exactly tailored to the way you think and live?

If you’re curious about exploring homemade planners, check out Chet Chin’s posts about converting her large Habana notebook into a 2010 planner — then making sure it feels like her own.

Chet does her customization in advance and by hand, but reader Dave Terry uses a date stamp and stamps each new day as he goes. He also creates a detailed index so he can find things later. You can read more about Dave’s planning system on his blog and at D*I*Y Planner (which, incidentally, has a wonderful collection of ideas and templates for customized planners).

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  1. I’d request the following: offer, and make widely available, the Trinote as part of the ‘Basic’ line with a monthly calendar just like the one in the back of the President, but for all months (the large boxes for January the following year) AND the regular monthly ‘Anno-Planning’. The end of each month would have a few notes pages. The cardboard (I hope?) cover would come in all colors of the rainbow.

    All this isn’t that much to ask, is it? 🙂

    The Trinote is part of the Equology line in France, as I saw on the French website. Oh, and all the PVC covers would have to go 🙂

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