User review: Kim Brugger on the Equology Minister

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Here’s another Equology review from Kim Brugger, who took the Minister for a test drive this fall…

Equology - Minister planner 2010 - page layout

Overall”I like the planner. I enjoy using products that are green in nature. The first couple of pages were the standard reference type material”quite helpful if you are an international traveler. Once you get into the meat of planner (the calendar pages)”it has an interesting layout. There is a lot of good information on each of the pages. As you can see from the photo of the calendar pages”the date, the day of the week and the month are at the top of each of the columns. There is a small three month calendar at the far right along with which week of the year it is. On the right side of the calendar is a section for notes based on a standard set of categories (phone, fax, email, to do, etc). Useful for keeping quick notes that come up throughout the week. My only dislike with the planner was how busy the calendar pages looked. For most people”I imagine this wouldn’t be a distraction”but I tend towards a minimalistic slant.

I like that the planner will lay flat once you have worked the binding a bit to loosen it up. The included address book is helpful if you don’t have your contacts stored in a different location. The ink tests were helpful to determine which types of pens I can use. All of the inks performed well. I would say I thought the Pilot Precision V5 RT performed the best. That is my favorite daily use pen anyway”so that might have biased the testing 🙂

Equology - Minister planner 2010 - ink tests

I am looking forward to using this planner throughout 2010 and will definitely keep an eye out for future versions.

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