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We got a question recently about the difference between the Trinote, Septanote, and Prenote planner formats. The layout is the same in all three, but they do differ in size. At 8 1/4″ x 11 5/8″, the Prenote is the largest.

The Trinote is slightly smaller, at 7″ x 9 3/8″. And the Septanote, which is the same size as the Trinote, is an academic year calendar.

Also, for those of you who care about colors… it looks like both Trinote and Prenote print the dates in turquoise ink (see above), whereas the Septanote prints them in dark gray.

Hope this helps!

5 thoughts on “Trinote, Prenote, Septanote

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Here are the answers to your questions…

    First of all, we probably won’t find out about Trinote changes until the annual company meeting in June.

    Meanwhile, the Trinote and the Septanote do have the same page layout. Here are their differences:

    * Trinote is a calendar year planner (December to December) and prints in 2 colors.

    * Septanote is an academic year planner (July to July) and prints in 1 color.

    * Trinote has a “Chart of International Holidays” in the beginning of the book, Septanote does not. Septanote has a “Notes” page.

    * Trinote has 4 pages of “Receipts/Payments” and 1 “Notes” page in the back of the book, Septanote has 9 pages of “Notes”.

    The maps are the same.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Me again!

    Not to be too picky but, does the Septanote have the same pages as the Trinote except for the academic vs calendar year and print colors? For example, does the Septa have the same maps as the Tri? Did I read somewhere that the Septa has more notes pages in the back of it than the Tri?

  3. Any word from France as to whether they will reverse the Trinote features that people didn’t like (too-dark lines etc) in the 2011 Trinote?

    And, this is off topic, but I am still hoping they will make notebooks with Equology paper. I am absolutely addicted to the velvety feel of the paper in my Equology Minister! I’d love to have the same paper in lined notebooks.

  4. Thanks for your suggestions, Matthew… Several people have expressed their annoyance with the “To-Do” category headers, although others like the definition. It’s certainly a challenge to come up with categories that fit everyone’s needs/preferences–I tend to ignore them, myself.

    I don’t know much about the typefaces, but I will forward your concerns to Karen and she can take them up with France in June.

  5. I’ve used Quo Vadis planners for years and I have 2 criticisms I’d like to make.
    Dividing the “To-Do” area into “See – Do”, “Phone – Fax”, etc. is annoying. If I fill up the “See – Do” section, I end up writing appointments in the “Pay – Receive $” section, which is just annoying. An undivided spot for such notes (or perhaps a divided “To-Do” area but without any headings )would be more versatile.

    Please invest in some real typefaces. The ones used currently, especially the sans-serif faces are really not. very. nice.

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