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I made an impulse purchase at the stationery store yesterday: a nice little cardboard folder from a company called ri cargo. (Here’s the same product on Amazon.) I was feeling pretty good about the purchase; the folder is pretty, functional, stiff enough to keep my papers from crumpling in a soft leather bag, and small enough to actually fit inside said bag.

Then I got home and tried to take the bar code sticker off, and the honeymoon was over. It left behind a gooey, silver mess, and of course once you peel those things off, there’s no getting them back on again. When this happens with plastic products, some Goof Off and a rag tend to do the trick. But what’s to do with paper products, other than wait for the goo to harden and get dirty, then try to scrape it off with your fingernails?


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  1. If that doesn’t work, a little canned air might get it. Hold the can upside-down so that the freon comes out. It should get the goop cold enough to easily flake off and not leave a stain. But try it on a piece of scrap first to make sure!

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