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I picked up a box of paperclips last week in Germany; for no good reason other than aesthetics”and a dash of nostalgia for the time I used to live there”I prefer their pointy tips to the rounded versions that are standard in the US.

It’s a funny thing, nostalgia. Obviously, that period of my life was much richer than a simple office product, and I don’t have any specific memories associated with paperclips in particular. But I still find comfort in the quotidian reminder of a thoroughly mundane object, something I can integrate into my everyday routine and think about more frequently than I would, say, look at my photo album, or reread the fragmentary journal that I kept back then. It’s a more meaningful relationship, I guess. And now that I’ve replenished my supply, I can use them with abandon, and without fear of running out anytime soon!

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  1. Funny. I too have a nostalgia for those paperclips. I have one and have been for years trying to find a source to buy them in US but I don’t even know where I would find them. They seem to be uniquely German. Years later, I am still looking, which is how I came across this post! 🙂

  2. It’s the little things sometimes! My GF Chel goes out to the store to pick up any old appointment book (that is of the general type she likes), whereas I might wait a month or two trying to find one I think might work (love-hate relationship with paper planners). Some people use Bic pens, some people use Fountain-Pens with scented inks. 🙂 Some worry about paper-clip shapes… 😉

    To me, it’s the little things sometimes that make the experience of work into a joy. Having good tools, and tools you enjoy makes you ready to get into the nitty gritty of the week.

    You can smile when you paper-clip some pages, and others will think you’re crazy for enjoying paper-clipping. 😉

    Fantastic post!!

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