Customized covers: a trip down memory lane

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011Another thing I stumbled upon while I was home the other week for Thanksgiving: my old assignment diaries from junior high and high school. I thought about Kate Marshall and her fifteen years of journals, then decided to take some pictures.

We were given one of these “dockets” (or maybe we had to buy them, I don’t remember) at the start of each year to keep track of homework and tests. There was probably some sort of time management indoctrination involved; I seem to recall my 8th grade Latin teacher being very strict about having us write down the day’s assignment in our dockets, rather than on a random scrap of paper or, God forbid, simply trying to remember it.

Here’s what my docket looked like in 1991-2; I would have been in 7th grade:


Of course, like most teenagers, we were quite interested in staking out our nascent identities — there was no Facebook back then! — so there was also a fair amount of customization that went on in the form of stickers, pictures, magazine clippings, etc.

Here’s the cover of my 1992-3 docket:


Trolls! PETA slogans! Quotes from Lily Tomlin! Just for kicks, here’s the back:


The next year, I went even further with the nature theme, and what I believe is a reference to Na Na, the store in Santa Monica that first sold Doc Martens:


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any dockets from the rest of my high school career, but as I was flipping through these early ones, I was reminded of another thing: dockets were a great way to pass notes, since you could share your docket with a friend under the pretenses of letting her copy down an assignment.

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  1. That’s great you found those. I remember when my aunt would bring back stuff from the Body Shop in the UK, and they always had the large ‘Against Animal Testing” stickers like those on their products.

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