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Speaking of bookmarks, here’s a new product that might interest people who like elastic closures on their covers: the, uh, elastic bookmark.


Bascially, the idea is that you slip the bookmark into your planner or notebook, then wrap the elastic around the front and back covers to keep them closed. The brown-and-tan colored closure is supposed to complement a variety of cover colors, while the ruler gives you a handy way to, you know, measure (it’s marked in centimeters and inches).

ruler bookmark 02

At 5 inches tall, it’s a bit big for my Sapa X planner, but it fits nicely onto my large- and medium-sized Clairefontaine notebooks, and will be great way of making sure they stay closed whenever I toss them in my bag. I suppose there’s no reason you couldn’t use it for ordinary books, as well.

The other side, if you’re curious, features a little globe graphic:

ruler bookmark 03

The elastic bookmark retails for $1.50 and is available now, so ask your favorite retailer if you’re interested.

14 thoughts on “The elastic bookmark

  1. That’s hilarious, Laurie, I didn’t even notice… it’s a photo we took in the office with one of our “sample” planners, whose pages were obviously filled in by someone with a sense of humor!

  2. This is great! If you do expand the color selection in the future, I would like to request black please.

    I love the globe on the back! And, extremely handy to have a ruler tucked into my book. Yay!

  3. Thanks for your interest, Beth and Brian!

    Brian, you can get in touch with Karen about ordering the bookmarks.

    As far as colors go, Beth, if the bookmarks prove popular, we may be able to lean on France to add new colors.

  4. Whoo – hoo! FINALLY!

    Now I can ditch the ugly rubber bands. Now if it only came in a different color combo…

    Sending this page to my favorite paper pusher right this sec!

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