New environmental standards for Clairefontaine

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Clairefontaine paper

Stephanie already blogged about this over on Rhodia Drive, but since it affects Quo Vadis products, too, I figure it’s worth repeating — Clairefontaine, our sister company and the paper-maker for all Quo Vadis notebooks and planners, recently updated their inks in order to abide by the most stringent European environmental standards.

The inks that are used to create the rulings on Clairefontaine paper are now water-based rather than petroleum- or solvent-based. The colors are the same, but they are now made from vegetable oil pigments — from sources like soy bean, corn, and linseed oils — rather than mineral ones. And as Stephanie pointed out:

By replacing mineral oil with vegetable oil, we reduce or even cut out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. VOCs are carbon-containing gases and vapors that are released from solvents used during the printing process. In liquid form VOCs can also affect water and soil quality.

You can read more about Clairefontaine’s commitment to the environment on the Exaclair website.

10 thoughts on “New environmental standards for Clairefontaine

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  2. According to the head of Quo Vadis USA, Christine Nusse, the fact that the dyes are now natural does not compromise the permanence of the ink. There still is a fixing agent – unlike with fountain pen ink – even if it is a natural one.

    Still waiting to hear back about the Equology notebooks…

  3. Wow, I am definitely impressed. This is further proof that a company can have excellent environmental standards and still produce superior-quality products.

    Speaking of, any word on whether/ when Equology notebooks will be available? (Fingers crossed!)

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