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Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect planner, which of course is one of the reasons we offer so many different formats and sizes. You can see them all on our website, but if you have a question or want something specific, you should also feel free to email us, and we’ll do our best to suggest a solution.

A reader from Greenvale, NY, for example, was recently looking for a planner with both a monthly and a weekly calendar:

I have been using Monthly 4 in combination with Scholar. I need to order for this year, but I do not want to navigate between two planners. I need to have space to plan a day, but at the same time I need to be able to view the month as a whole. Using one of the sizes I currently have, can you suggest ONE product to fill the bill.

And the winner is… the Visual, which features a standard weekly diary and includes a set of monthly calendars up front! Next question?

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8 thoughts on “Months and weeks in one planner

  1. I agree that’s a cool idea, Kate, but the trouble is that the beginning of each month doesn’t always fall at the beginning of the week, so you’d have to do these awkward splits with unevenly-sized blank spaces. Plus the expense of adding more pages, the need to change the covers as the book gets thicker, etc. Alas…

  2. The Scholar weekly planner has a two-page “Your Year at a Single Glance” spread in the front. I wouldn’t sneeze at the addition of a monthly calendar throughout the planner: i.e. a January 2010 calendar on one or two pages before the first week of January and so on.

  3. Thanks Leah! And thanks to Karen too. Yes it looks like the Exaplan might even fit into the Textagenda/ Notor and Business/ University size books. The Visoplan is just slightly taller than the Exaplan and might possibly fit into the Textagenda/ Notor.

    Has anyone tried using their Exaplan or Visoplan tucked into their other QV planner? How did it go?

  4. Laurie, you’re too quick for us! I just checked with Karen and she says an Exaplan or Visoplan would do the trick.

    The Monthly 4 is the same size as the Trinote, but that’s a bit bigger than the Minister.

  5. After a quick look on the QV website I think I have answered my own question: the Visoplan looks like it is so slim that if I get just the calendar refill, it will fit into the front cover of my Minister and still have room in the back cover to keep the address book (which I do use).

    I will give it a try and let you know how it goes! Perfect Planner, here I come! 🙂

  6. Actually that does bring me to a question: is there a monthly planner that is the same size as, or smaller than, the Minister that might be slim enough to slip into the back cover instead of the removable address booklet?

  7. I love that the Exacompta planners all come with the planning calendars with the months as columns and also the month views with a month per page (or across two pages as in the Daily Pocket). I really, really wish the Quo Vadis planners had the monthly calendars too.

    I prefer the Minister because I need lots of room for my lists each week (and I love those categorized list boxes!), and I need them on the same page as my weekly schedule. The Minister has the entire year across two pages with the months as columns, which I love. But I really wish it also had the month per page calendars too. If it did, I think it might be my Perfect Planner!

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