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Warm thanks to all Habana reviewers to date who sent me their comments or links to their reviews.   As more come in, I will  collect them and publish a second round of reviews.

For those of you who missed out–take heart!   I’m planning to do another Habana give-a-way in the next couple of months.    QVHabana

Here’s a loaded question:   for those of you who have tried both notebooks  which one  do you prefer – the Habana or the Webnotebook?    

– Innowen from D*I*Y Planner.  (I love the little sticker on the cover!)

– Clement from Rants of the Archer.

– Tom from Bleubug shared this “tester” observation at the end of his review!

“At this time from behind me came the loud and rhythmic noises of the dog breed often called the furry boulders that snore. That seemed as  good a place as any to go for my unique take on this review. However, as you can see, the Habana Pug Pillow didn’t meet with the approval of Snuffy, pug stationary tester. Also it was hard to clean drool off of. Back to the drawing board!”

– Joni from Daydreamers Welcome.

– Audra from Nemu * Nemu, Kybikitsy’s Blog.

– Sophie from For Love and Idleness.

– Julie (Okami)  from Whatever.

– Vickie from Bottoms Up and Tops Down.

– Rainbow from All the Colours of Me.

And last but certainly not least! – Kate from K’s Notebook.

Our sincere thanks again to all the reviewers and everyone who has taken the time to contact us with product comments:  what they like and don’t like and would like to see.   We are continually amazed and delighted by all the detail and care that goes into these reviews.   Your comments are especially important when it comes time for product development: what changes we should propose, new product inspirations,  what product  features are most beneficial and why.

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