Guest post: Laurie Huff introduces our newest Flickr group

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Guest blogger Laurie Huff recently started a new Flickr group for Exaclair Planners and Notebooks. Also a contributor to the Philofaxy blog, Laurie loves all kinds of planners and notebooks, and is always on a quest for the perfect planner to organize her life.

Exaclair planners

Does your Quo Vadis planner go everywhere with you? Can you not leave the house unless you have your Clairefontaine notebook tucked safely into your bag?

For all of you who love to use Exaclair planners and notebooks to plan and record your life, there’s a new Flickr group for you! The Exaclair Planners and Notebooks group is the newest addition to the Exaclair Flickr groups. You may already be familiar with the Exaclair and art group and Rhodia Drive group on Flickr. This newest Exaclair group will focus on using Quo Vadis and Exacompta planners, as well as Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Exacompta and/ or Quo Vadis notebooks to write, plan, record, journal and list your life. Can’t function without your planner? Like to write? Then this group is for you. Welcome! I look forward to seeing your contributions to the group.

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