Forest in the fog

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This Saturday, we got up early and headed out to Sterling Forest for a mist- and fog-filled hike. There was a light rain (it was, as the English would say, “spitting”), and by the end we got quite wet, but a forest in fog is a treat, silent and lovely and full of humid expectation.

Here, for example, is a clearing that looks like the entry to another world:


And the rocky top of a mountain that’s nearly swallowed up by mist:


3 thoughts on “Forest in the fog

  1. Leah, beautiful photos! Fog and mist almost allow us to merge into another century. I can easily imagine someone from the 19th century or even the Lenape emerging from the forest.

    On another note, it reminds me of the Blair Witch Project!

  2. Beautiful! Wish I lived close enough to such a great park – what a luxury to go on a hike somewhere that pretty within an hour or two from your house. Your fog pictures evoke memories.

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