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Here is the first group of Equology reviews.   By and large, I was extremely pleased with everyone’s reaction to the recycled planners. equology-1

My thanks and gratitude to all the volunteers and reviewers.   All of us at Exaclair–and the head of marketing for France mentioned this to me, too– are continually amazed by the depth of care, detail and the total comprehensiveness of the reviews we receive. Thank you.

Your comments and suggestions are a reliable compass to indicate if we going in the right direction, and what adjustments we should make.

I held my breath waiting to hear how the paper performed with pens.   I was able to confirm the larger versions are made with 89 g paper; and pocket size is 74 g paper.   Based on my experience with fountain pen customers, I do not market any book as “fountain pen friendly” unless it is 80 g and up.

I think, overall, like other products – the larger books performed well with fountain pens, and the smaller ones less so. Also, the paper is not the “extra white” of Clairefontaine, but plain white with a slight grey tinge.   When I felt the pages of my Equology Sapa X the paper seemed to have a little,   a hint, of texture.

Read more about Equology here.

Jeff Abbott reviewed a Scholar.

Brad reviewed a Textagenda.

Inks, Nibs & Paper reviewed a Sapa X.

Laurie reviewed a Minister in her new notebooks and planners group on Flickr.

Lauren from Pennington-on-the-Paper reviewed a Scholar.

DizzyPen reviewed a Sapa X.

Diane from Pocket Blonde reviewed a Textagenda.

The Pen Archives reviewed a Scholar.

Thanks so much again!   More reviews will be posted soon.

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  1. So many good reviews! My only experience with Equology is with the Minister. In my test with 17 fountain pen inks, only three did not have some degree of bleed-through. Nib size did not seem to matter. I must say for a planner, I find this issue unimportant as a pencil and eraser are far better suited to my constantly changing schedule.

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