2nd Annual Planner Review Offer

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Dear Friends, I have some 2010 planners to give away to Quo Vadis Blog fans!

I would appreciate any feedback you wish to offer on them: the materials, construction or design.   Are they helpful to you in managing your time? Do they provide a place to record your ideas, lists, commitments that is easy to refer to and use? Do you use planners in “non-traditional” ways? We look forward to hearing from you.   Your comments alert us to any issues we need to address, and help us to make Quo Vadis planners continually  more responsive to your needs.   Thank you.

Please respond by writing to us via the “Contact Us” message form on the blog, including your mailing address and lst and 2nd choices.   Please write soon, because supplies of individual styles are limited.

The choices include:   Trinote, a desk-size weekly planner; Business, a pocket weekly planner; IB Traveler, a pocket weekly planner; Monthly 4, a desk-size monthly planner; Journal 21, a daily desk-size planner; and Notor, a daily desk-size planner. Daily_Planners.sized

2 thoughts on “2nd Annual Planner Review Offer

  1. I received a Minister planner last week and have begun using it. So far, so good! The paper itself is wonderful and plays very nicely with my Parker 51 with fine nib and Noodler’s Green Marine ink. The layout seems quite usable, although I do wish that Sunday was a real “column” rather than across the bottom. Sundays can be the busiest day of the week for me! If it were in fact a column, I would want to see it on the left edge ahead of Monday. To me, Sunday is the first day of the week. And, I would point out, any (Christian) minister should agree with that.

    I’ve tried paper planners in the past and have always had mixed results with them. I wanted to try a Quo Vadis planner because I’ve read and heard so many good things about them. Sometimes my mixed results were because of the planners themselves and sometimes because of me, frankly. To get the most out of a tool like this requires discipline and I am not always the most disciplined person. But I’m going to give this an honest effort.

  2. Thank you! Rec’d them in the mail today. Now just have to finish cleaning house, and then can sit and relax with them to figure out how I’m going to use this! Looking forward to a great planner helping me through a great year!

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