Planners and pockets, round 2: Resizing the folder

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Our discussion about planner pockets got me thinking about another potential solution for toting around loose-leaf papers and notes Would anyone be interested in a separate flat, sturdy vinyl or leather/leatherette folder that’s bigger than a business card holder but not as big as a traditional folder?

I have a flat Mignon photo holder that’s 4.5 by 6.5and has a simple snap closure on top. Currently, I use it as a clutch purse for special occasions, but it occurs to me I could also carry it around in my bag to organize receipts and other loose bits of paper that don’t fit into my planner. On the other hand, a 6 by 9envelope might be more versatile; that way, I could fold any loose sheets of office paper in half and shove them in.

What do you think? Worth exploring, or not so much?

7 thoughts on “Planners and pockets, round 2: Resizing the folder

  1. As someone trying to cut down on the weight and number of things I’m carrying, I prefer to use the pockets in my planner and Habanas to tuck the prescriptions, receipts, and so forth WITH the calendar or paperwork they’re needed for.

    I no longer carry a briefcase and I’m trying to half-size rather than supersize my purses.

  2. Small one… not so much. One like that letter sized (and in a manlier color) would be great. I don’t like folded papers for some reason. They just bother me.

    The fact that it can be used as a clutch purse is not a bonus in my eyes, but different strokes for different folks.

  3. I don’t know about a small one, but one of the most useful things I own is a clear plastic flat pouch with a flap and plastic snap closure that holds full-size papers. It’s better than a file folder for carrying papers in my bag, since it completely contains them. And because it’s clear I can easily see what’s in there and don’t have to fish around. I bought it somewhere about 10 years ago for almost nothing.

    So anyway, a small one seems not very useful, but a pouch that could hold full-size pages would be great!

  4. Allen- I go to GMU and we sell leather/leatherlike zippered legal pad holders with our logo on em for about $30…
    I think that could definitely be an option… one could also just glue the equivalent of an envelope inside..

  5. This may be slightly off topic- my apologies- but I always used to steal Dad’s plastic zip-folios. They were large enough for a legal pad, single pocket and single zip on one side. The killer is that they were fairly cheap with the Univ. logo on them. Now, I can’t find them anywhere and the old ones are practically falling apart. (For $300 Levenger has something similar, but Grad studies a millionaire does not make.)

    So, I can definitely see the benefit of a pocket. However, for a guy, I can’t see how I’d carry this- a bit small perhaps. The larger pocket was treated as a mini briefcase. Michele may differ with me, I’ll have to ask her.

    It does look fantastic, though! I love the leather and letter-envelope look to it!!

  6. Yes! I love the look of this. My immediate thought was, “what a great clutch!” I think what could be great is if the folder size fit the planners, and then one could put her planner and loose papers in the folder. This way, everything could be together and one wouldn’t have to carry a planner and a folder separately.

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