I want the flowers back, too!

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Stephanie’s post at Rhodia Drive yesterday totally struck a nerve — I want it to be spring again, too! Fall is usually my favorite season, at least in the ideal East Coast version when it’s 60-70 degrees during the day and crisp and still at night. Fall is harvest, fall is weekend hikes and bracing swims in chilly, sun-lit ponds. But this year’s harvest was terrible because of all the rain, and the past few weekends have either been too cold or too wet to head out to the mountains.

In the meantime, I look at the unripe tomatoes on my kitchen counter (half of my plants didn’t even set fruit until September, which made them easy targets for last week’s near-freezing temperatures) and think wistfully about next spring, when the garden cycle starts again. Hopefully with better weather, fewer pests, and other improvements based on the mistakes I made this year… better stakes for the cucumbers, more space for the zucchini, and maybe next year my irises will actually bloom, though God knows what they’ve been missing during the past 2 summers! Really gets you thinking long-term, gardening.

In the meantime, anyone know a good recipe for fried green tomatoes?

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  1. I’m out in Oregon, but my garden had a rough year as well. We had snow very late, and storms, so the apple trees didn’t bear this year, and the melons and pumpkins only started to do well in August — and then we had an early frost.

    I’m hoping next year will be much more productive — and
    I’ll have some hoophouses to get things started earlier this year!

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