Habana review giveaway!

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Habana group

Karen has about 15 large 90g Habana notebooks that are available to the first 15 people who email us. The covers are all black, but if you really can’t stand that idea, let her know and she’ll try to find a sample in a different color (taupe, blue, and red are the alternatives).

On your marks, get set, and good luck!

12 thoughts on “Habana review giveaway!

  1. I use an inexpensive Moleskine knock off, but would love to try something that everyone seems to think is not only as good, but in many ways superior. I am a writer and carry my poor battered notebook everywhere. Please allow me to rate a superior one!

  2. holaaaa!!! soy Tamara de Argentina!!!yo quiero una!!! mucho no entiendo por que mi ingles es basico…bad i wont!!!soo kisses!!!thanks plis plis plis

  3. Greetings ~ I am hoping I’m in time for a Habana. They look beautiful and the review I read piques my interest … and that of my fountain pens. I would be glad to do a review when I finally get a blog posted.


  4. Hi. Just wondering if you still had any of these notebooks available. Am looking for something new and havn’t tried these.


  5. I would love to put your like on my website. My students are always asking what planner I use because they love the colors and the room. Our school purchases planners fro them, but they have so little room to write assignments. I love them so much I want to buy another one just for school and use the one I have now for personal use.
    That is – if I can keep my daughter from taking it.

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