Changing My 2010 Planner

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I’m changing my planner for 2010. For the past several years I have used Space 24 and loved it. I had a full page to write down everything I needed to do that week  for work and home: people to call, dry cleaning reminders, scribbled notes for books to buy,  my  noon class on Wednesdays, projects to work on, mailings, and all the other memoranda of my  life.  As usual, I  would get done about half of what I planned to do, so I’d  erase various notes and distribute them over the next week or two. The paper is strong enough to hold up to lots of erasing.

This year, Quo Vadis  introduced Equology —  a planner line made with recycled paper.  As a former staff member and volunteer with the Sierra Club, and a committed environmentalist, I had a real dilemma on my hands: stay with Space 24 or go over to Equology.  

I hasten to add the Clairefontaine paper used for Space 24 is made with strict environmental standards. The mill manufactures much of its own energy, all the pulp and wood by-products come from FSC and PEFC certified forests — none from old growth forests — and the water is cleaner when it leaves the mill then when it arrives.  So clean, in fact, people can fish, swim and boat downstream within sight of the plant. With a background in  Sierra Club fights in Alaska over logging practices  and pulp mill pollution, that is pretty impressive.

But, recycled paper is recycled paper.  I made the decision to give Equology a try for a year.

Then, I couldn’t find a format that would exactly meet my need for a notes page. I decided a Sapa X was good for jotting down my appointments, deadlines, and a daily reminder and priority. But, since I still needed more room to write, I decided to make my own planner/notebook combo in one folio.

Since I was in Greenport that day, I went over to Wm. J. Mills & Co. to see if they might have any small canvas bags that would work.  You can have a look at Mills canvas and history here.

wm mills greenport

Wm. J. Mills is a sailmaker that makes a lot of sails, awnings, and other products from canvas.  They have a top  notch reputation in my area — and all over the East End for that matter — as the best place to go for  old-time craftsmanship and quality sail cloth.


I found a little zippered canvas bag for under $10 and I was in business!  I start with my new planner the week of December 21.

Does anyone use a folio for their planner? Another DIY invention?

10 thoughts on “Changing My 2010 Planner

  1. I will also be using the Equology Sapa X for 2010 (for which I still owe you a review). I have found that the cover is the perfect size to put a few 3×5 index cards which is what I use for my task lists and general notes.

  2. I add 2 bulldog clips and an oversized rubber band to my Journal 21 to act as dividers and hold it shut in my bag.

    This year I’m trying a Habana style planner [the 3×5]for my purse and leaving the 21 on my desk where I need to make more detailed notes. I’m not sure I have enough space in the smaller one, but many of the others are a checkbook size format that doesn’t work for me. I need width as well as length on my pages.

  3. This year I have been using a large M-skine week + notes planner, but I am chomping at the bit to start using my new Equology Minister (thank you!!) the very day it starts (Nov 30! Counting down!). For one thing, I like the paper better. The Equology paper is thicker, feels nicer, and has less show-through. I am also looking forward to having SO much more room to write in the daily spaces, and having my tasks organized in the dashboard’s action boxes instead of scattered all over the page as usual. I expect I’ll have plenty of room on the Minister’s weekly pages to write my random notes, but if I need more jotting space I’ll tuck my pocket size Clairefontaine notebook (thanks again!!) into the inside flap of the Equology’s flexible cover. I’ll be all set!

    Karen, do you know if the Academic Minister 2010/ 2011 will be available in Equology? And, do you know if more formats will be available in Equology for 2011, or are they waiting to see how popular it is this year before they branch out?

    Good luck with your new planner/ notebook combo in that very cool sail pouch! 🙂

  4. Thank-you so much for your kind mention of Wm. J. Mills & Co.. As a small, but very American company; we have been making our products, here in Greeport, for 130 years. It is through interested parties like you that we are able to find new friends, and homes, for our products. Thanks again.

  5. that’s so funny — i was also debating space 24 vs converting to equology! but i think the space is going to win out (and i am going to give away the equology 🙂 ). just love that clairefontaine paper — and the space’s perfect layout — too much!

  6. Karen,
    This is very interesting because I am in the process of putting together a small kit using my new Equology planner (thanks, by the way). I have an Eagle Creek folio that I have always loved and want to use so I put my planner and two Bloc Rhodias in it, a No13 and No16. I am still putting it all together and trying out different combos. I enjoyed reading about what you have done with yours. Nr

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