The things they carried

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Fall is back-to-school season for many of you, and I’m wondering: how many notebooks, sketchpads, fountain pens, and art supplies do you bring with you? Do you wait and buy new supplies at school, or are there certain essential items that follow you from home?

I moved at least twice a year from the age of 18, in college, till I was 28 or so, and there was always a core set of books I’d tote with me no matter where I went (Beckett, Musil, Woolf). But I never brought any writing supplies except a couple of Pilot V-Balls — I’m a pretty recent fountain pen convert — which gave me a nice excuse to visit a stationery store in whatever new neighborhood or city I was going to. I suspect that’d be different now (I was careful to pack one Habana and two Rhodias on vacation last month), though of course I’m now quite happy in my little Brooklyn house and have no plans to move.

What’s your routine?

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  1. Now there’s an idea. Actually the art store a block away from me is having a sale on notebooks, and has some Clairefontaine sketchbooks. I’m thinking of getting one just to see what it’s like…

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