September 2009 News

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A number of things are under study or in process for Quo Vadis USA: news

– One of the Rhodia Weekly Notebooks sold out and another is close to sold out, so we’re reprinting 2nd editions.

– Many 2010 planners will include a combination bookmark/elastic closure.

– We’re studying the production of a Notes insert for most if not all our planners.   It may be available as soon as 2010 if sold separately.   In the future, inserts may be included with the planner in lieu of an address book insert; sold separately, sold in packs of two or something else.

– Limited stocks of popular, but discontinued Club cover colors may be reintroduced in 2010.   They include Bamboo, Raspberry, Mandarin and Canary.

– The 2012 editions will include the Baha’i holidays.

– Earlier this year we reached an agreement with a bookstore in Australia to sell Quo Vadis planners.   They are now available at retail locations and for sale online.

– Quo Vadis makes planners in 14 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. (Note: these editions do not include U.S. or Canadian holidays.) We are considering importing a limited supply of each language edition to the U.S. for sale beginning in 2010.

– Based on a suggestion we received from author Jeff Abbott, we’re looking into the possiblity of recommending a “Maker’s format” to Quo Vadis or Exacompta Prestige.

– Finally, we’re debating whether or not to produce a new sketchbook at the Hamburg, NY plant or wait and see if one is manufactured by one of our French parent companies–specifically–Rhodia. This notebook would have ivory or off-white blank paper, 100g or more. This means our current Habana notebooks will keep their distinctive white, ruled Clairefontaine paper (which should make Kookychick very relieved and happy!).   We have a very large supply (several thousand) of the Exacompta sketchbook “Livres d’Or” and may reintroduce with it with Madeira covers in red, green, yellow, blue and black.

I  may also  look for a craftsman/craftswoman to make custom folios for people who would like one for their sketchbook (or planner for that matter!)

More soon.   I will keep you posted on our progress.

9 thoughts on “September 2009 News

  1. I’m another one itching for a blank page sketchbook — I’d been looking online for one and *every shop* I checked was sold out of the blank page ones but had the ones iwht lines!

    So I’m thrilled to hear that there are thousands more.

    It’s very exciting ot read about the upcoming plans!


  2. Thank you for keeping us updated about Quo Vadis’ plans and for trying to implement as many customers’ requests as possible. Although you can’t make everyone happy, it’s wonderful to see a company care about customer feedback so much.

  3. I love the idea of other than English language planners being available here. I’ve gotten some really cute tiny ones in France: a “Carla Prestige” 2001 that’s format 8 x 10.5 (4.25 x 3 inches)for example. It has the format of say, a Business model , but with Club cover and closure buckle.

  4. I’m itching for notebooks without lines. I’m a chronic journaler, but my journals are filled with mind maps and visual mapping, so I like to be free of lines. The paper needs to be heavy enough so my marker doesn’t bleed through. And yes, an elastic closure is a must–I’ve been using ponytail holders, because here in the desert, rubber bands last about a week.

  5. wow, exciting that the rhodia weekly books sold so fast! thanks for sharing all of this info.

    by the way i have started using the clairefontaine habana notebook — WOW what lovely paper (and cover material)! i will feature it in a blog post soon 🙂

  6. *blush* I’m so glad the Habanas are keeping the bright white paper, at least for now! 😀 I *love* those notebooks–they really show off my colorful inks, and the narrow ruling in the small version is perfect for my small handwriting! 🙂

    The “notes” inserts sound great! No more transferring important bits and pieces of info every year!

    I’ve bought several of the Livres d’Or sketchbooks with a Madeira cover as gifts, and am looking forward to their re-introduction! Custom folios would be a really nice option, too! 🙂

    Thank you for being so responsive to your customers. Even though you can’t possibly implement everything, just knowing that we’re being heard and taken seriously makes all the difference. There aren’t many companies about which I can say that!

  7. Love the Habana covers, bamboo especially. The Exacompta sketchbook is one of my faves. Might have to add one of the colored covers to the two black ones already in my stash. Hard to settle on just one though. 😉

  8. Thank you for the Baha’i Holy Days! No more carrying around separate calendars or laboriously copying the dates over from another source. Yay!

    I’ve been wanting an elastic bookmark/closure for so long, and the inserts will be fantastic.

    It’s not just Kookychick who loves the Habanas just like they are. Keep those colored covers for things coming. Some of us use the different colors to keep our various projects straight so we can grab the appropriate product at a glance.

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