Community art: Edna’s deep psychic disturbance

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Remember that pass-around project I wrote about back in July? Well, the images are starting to come in, and they are very, very cool. Wet Paint Art has set up an online gallery where you can check them all out; in the meantime, we’re going to feature each artist’s piece on our blog over the next few weeks.

Today’s awesome, manic ink-on-paper piece comes from an artist named Edna, and is called “The Psychic Disturbance Review, Issue No. 3.” According to Edna:

The Psychic Disturbance Review is an occasional publication — albeit unpublished until now — inspired by my real-life experiences as an anti-corporate, TV-free, pop-culture-rejecting, vegetarian thinking person living and having to hold a job in a state that elected (and then re-elected) Michelle Bachmann to Congress. My art is one of several strategies that I use to retain my sanity.

Be sure to click the image for a larger version.

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