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Thanks to everyone who entered our first photo contest! We got some very funny pictures, which I’ve uploaded to this post so people can look them over and vote for the ones they like best (either aesthetically or according to some other criteria). You’ll find the polling widget on the left-most column of this page, and to make things interesting, you can vote for up to 3 photos.

I left out the names of the entrants who provided each of these pictures since I didn’t want it to influence things. Other than that, please play fair, and leave a comment if you have any questions!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted! Our winning photographs were Maui Buns and Washa You Car, tied with 8 votes apiece. In second place are Toilets and Dumpster Smile with 7 votes each.

Quo license:
Quo license

Washa you car:
Washa you car


Question sign:
Question sign

Chevy and Ford:
Chevy and Ford


Nutella NC:
Nutella NC

Dumpster smile:
Dumpster smile

Moot Point Lane:
Moot Point Lane

Moot Point Farm:
Moot Point Farm

Fire switch:
Fire switch

Maui buns:
Maui buns

Crabby license:
Crabby license

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