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We recently received this email from Joe P. in Michigan:

“I love your planners but have one issue I wish you would consider for your 2011 line (I know it is too late for 2010.)

Very simply, add more “Notes” pages…each planner, regardless of size, should have at least 10 pages of “Notes”…in the ones I have (2010 Visual, 2010 Biweek, 2010 Visoplan and 2010 IB Traveler) there are only 1-3 pages for Notes.   There is a lot of information that I want in my planner but it is not tied to a specific day, week or month and is best kept in one consolidated place in the Notes pages.

Or offer a Notes add on in each size that we can purchase that is just for Notes.”

We have gone around and around on this issue trying to come up with a solution, because we know a lot of other people would also like to see additional notes pages. We have a little leeway on pages per book but not much.   If we add a few (not 10 pages, for sure) we will need to eliminate other types of pages in a book (information, extra weeks) in order to add notes pages.   Extra pages alone  will add to the cost of the book.   Since our U.S. made product is competing with products made in China, the higher cost may be a deal-breaker for many people. Finally, extra pages will render the current  refillable covers useless.   Quo Vadis customers will be required to purchase a new cover for their book(s).   We cannot afford to supply people with a cover gratis because we decided to change the size.

So, where do we go with this need for Notes?   One possibility would be to eliminate the Address Book insert and replace that with a Notes insert.   We could also product Notes inserts that consumers could purchase. 20071203-question-mark

Please let us know your thoughts, suggestions and what’s important to you.   Thank you so much, and thanks to Joe P. for writing and hopefully sparking a solution we can implement.

10 thoughts on “Add More Notes Pages?

  1. Out with the address book (mine are stored electronically) and in with more note pages.
    Either permanent or a detachable note section would be quite useful. A compromise could be to reduce the address pages and increase the note pages. Also, I feel the Receipts & Payments pages in the Trinote planner are no longer a necessity.

  2. Offering an additional Notes section as a purchase would be great. I never use the Address Book that comes with the planner and would replace it in a flash… even if I had to shell out a little cash.

  3. Modularity is good. I keep my entire contacts database digitally at this point but I still take notes. Being able to choose between slipping in a notes add-on vs. an address add-on is the way to go.

  4. I would love to have more notes pages at the back of the planner. For example, my Visual this year has address pages bound into the back of the book, and also a removable address book, which is redundant. I’d much prefer the bound-in pages to be notes. Also, at the front of the Visual there are monthly pages from September to December of last year, which I don’t need, and semi-annual planning pages from July-Dec last year, which I also don’t need in this year’s planner. So that right there gives you 10 pages that could be used for notes instead.

  5. I like the idea of having a removable notes section like the removable address section. Folks can then buy what they need.

  6. I echo the sentiments of the others before me. An ala carte arrangement of add-ons would give the end user a chance to customize the notebook to her/his satisfaction.

    In my case, the front matter (such as telephone area codes, time zones and the like) is unused. A removable address section would be great.

  7. I like the idea of having various add in styles. I don’t care for address books, but do like notes.

    I also like the idea B Irwin in comment 1 suggests of elastic bands with pen loops. I currently use a rubber band with a pen hooked through it at the top in my undated Club Leatherette. Functional, but takes away from what I think is a very attractive cover.

  8. Joe is SO on track. Offering both address book and notes add ons in assorted sizes solves the problem of constantly having to re-copy addresses into the next year’s [as not all your planners have removable address sections] as well as not being able to top up and/or recopy notes. If I could swap OUT the notes to a fresh section, it would be a thing of beauty.

    Plus consider, if it lowered the cost to pull those pages out, yet one could buy fresh packs of notes and address books separately, it would make the system more flexible, while still giving us bound planners.

    Consider selling fresh elastic bands with pen loops in assorted sizes as well. That way, the planners and notebooks that don’t come with elastics can have one or more for those of us that currently use 2 rubber bands to hold 2 sections open for quick reference. And we could move them on to other things like holding open paperback reference books and manuals.

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