Where to Go: Chappaquiddick Island

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Ah, summer… Today’s “Where to Go” entry comes from Erin C., who describes an ideal day on Chappaquiddick Island (say that 10 times fast).

I would love to go to East beach on Chappaquiddick Island. I would stop at the Japanese garden (My Toi) on the way, a very shady and rustic area. Then, taking a beach umbrella, a picnic, and a good book, I would go to the beach for the afternoon. It is great to listen to the waves, smell the salt air, hear the sea gulls shrieking, and r-e-l-a-x. We would take a long walk along the shoreline letting the waves wash over our feet. As long as I’m at it, I would have my husband surf-casting for bluefish and catch a nice one, then he would clean it and I would cook it with lots of butter and lemon. We would sleep soundly after a full day of beach fun.

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