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Ok, so we’ve been on Facebook for a while… I’m still playing around with it and figuring out apps and so on. (It would seem the business pages are much less flexible than personal profiles.)

The URL is not pretty”eventually, we’ll have to set up a redirect, cause we’re not yet eligible for one of those fancy new vanity URLs that everyone was talking about last month. Nonetheless, if you’re on Facebook, and you’re interested, please stop by and become a fan, start a discussion, or post something to our Wall!

Speaking of which… survey time, cause I don’t know the protocol: is it better to reproduce the first few lines of each blog post on our Wall, with a link to the full-text version in the Notes section, as it’s currently set up? (None of the other blogging apps I tried seemed to work very well.) Or would a Twitter-style update that simply announces each new post, and links to the blog, be better?

See you on Facebook!

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