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Quick question for all you Twitter users: are you a member of any Twibes? What do and don’t you like about them?

Karen and I recently noticed a Twibe for fountain pen users whose membership already includes a lot of people we know from our blog and our Twitter feed. We were also intrigued by the possibility of creating a Twibe around notebooks and paper. I guess those are two separate questions, but we’re not sure if either of them is something we should do”would it just start to seem like some cynical corporate thing? And are Twibes any better than hashtags for communicating about a specific topic?

If you have an opinion, please let us know in the comments (or on Twitter, which is where this question’s headed next). Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Tweets and Twibes

  1. I wasn’t sure about Twibes initially, but joining the FP Twibe has made it easier for me to connect with folks with a common interest. It would be nice for me to have access to a similar group of like-minded stationery users.

    Personally, I like the idea.

  2. I am a member of the journaling and fountain pen Twibes. I like the Twibes because I can go to the Twibe page and find others with similar interests and follow them. I could just do a search for journaling or fountain pens, but the folks in the Twibes signed up and are really interested where the Twitters I find using the search may have just mentioned the word in passing.

    I don’t know if hast tags are any better or not, just different.

  3. For me the jury is still out on Twibes – I formed a Twibe for Akita owners and Tweeted everyone that had Akitas, but I’ve only had one person join. Plus it’s just one more site that I have to go to. So far I’m grouping everyone on TweetDeck into Twibes-like groups

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