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The revival of old-style letterpress printing is spurring the creation of new metal as well as digital fonts.   These small presses are part of the DIY do-it-yourself movement.

“People are dusting off these old (letterpress) printers and doing wedding invitations, art printing and rough concert posters,” said Richard Kegler, the owner and founder of P22, a small company near Buffalo, NY that designs and distributes fonts online.


According to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, Mr. Kegler has Marcel Duchamp to thank for a career in typeface design.

In graduate school, Mr. Kegler did an art installation based on Marcel Duchamp’s work and used some of the late artists’ handwriting; it inspired him to design a typeface.

“The Duchamp font began as part of my thesis installation on Marcel Duchamp’s “Large Glass.” He’s a French artist known for his wicked sense of humor. I wanted his text to be part of the installation and planned to project it on the wall. He’s known for using objects in his art, so I created a readymade (a found object) of his handwriting.” duchampmarcel

Fonts from P22 have been used for books, magazines and album covers, as well as the walls of Starbucks coffee shops.

See all P22 fonts here.

See “Large Glass” here.

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  1. I have noticed a lot of letterpress cards in the last few years. It made me happy to see that this form of printmaking is being appreciated again!

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