New contest: Win a laser-engraved Habana!

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Thanks to the folks at Etchstar, who sell laser-engraved Clairefontaine, Rhodia, and Quo Vadis notebooks over at NotebookEngraver, we are now the proud owners of 4 black Habana notebooks (6.25″ x 9.25″) engraved with my own favorite Domo design! Which is pictured above and also, on a different notebook, at the NotebookEngraver website.

We’ll be raffling them off to the winners of our newest contest, the “Where to Go” sign/photo contest (not to be confused with our regular “Where to Go” contest). Here’s how it works: you send us photographs of particularly cool or unusual signs — highway signs, bathroom signs, wilderness trail guideposts, mileage signs, etc. For example, here’s a license plate Tom Hall saw in Wisconsin:


And here’s a boat that Christine Nusse, great-granddaughter of Clairefontaine founder Jean-Baptiste Bichelberger and head of Quo Vadis in the U.S., saw at the Brewer Marina:


The signage doesn’t have to include the words “Quo Vadis,” of course, but extra points if it does!

Afterwards, we’ll put everyone’s photos up on the blog, then subject them to a popular vote. Winning shots will be added to the rotating series of pictures on our blog header (refresh the page a couple times and you’ll see what I mean), and the winners will receive one of these nifty Domo notebooks.

To enter the contest, send us a message through the contact page. At the moment, there’s no way to attach or upload photographs, but once we receive your message, either Karen or I will write you back, and you can email us any pictures you have.

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