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The Quo Vadis North American meeting was held in Montreal, Quebec on June 4-5, 2009.   Before I left I asked readers of this blog to let me know any issues important to them to bring up for discussion at the meeting.   I did — and here are the results of your requests: northamerica

1. The Bahai’i holy days will be included in the 2012 planners.

2. We recommended to the designers in France that they investigate adding monthly calendars to the editions, and more space for Sundays. We also voiced the request to consider eliminating the activity designations in some editions so people can customize their planners to their own needs.

Since the agenda format is global, the activity dashboard will stay as it is for now.   However, future editions will include more space for Sundays, smaller holiday designations, thinner grid lines and more discreet fonts–giving people more room to write and a clean, harmonious layout.

Note: some editions already offer monthly planning, including Space 24 and Space 17.

3. The U.S. plans to incorporate a combination bookmark/elastic closure with most of its planners beginning in 2011. A ribbon bookmark will also be added to the bound Habana planners.

4. We expressed the fact that fountain pen users are one of our most important customer groups. We all agreed attention to papers selected for planners will continue to be rigorous.

In the interest of brand consistency, the U.S. expressed a willingness to change the paper on Habana notebooks from white to 85 g ivory paper in 2010. We will also investigate having blank as well as ruled pages, and developing a “corporate color” coverunique to the Habana.

Thank you all for your feedback.   We take very seriously the positive comments, suggestions and constructive criticism we receive on our planners and notebooks.   Since so much of your life is in your datebooks and notebooks, we constantly strive to make them responsive to your needs, as good tools and good companions.

Your comments and concerns are important to us and always welcome.

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  1. So pleased that you will be including Baha’i Holy Days in 2012. It means a lot to me to be able to buy calendars that contain the special dates I look forward to. Thank you so much!

  2. As a past manager of a now-defunct premier stationery/gift store on the West Coast, my introduction and appreciation of your calendars/datebooks was thorough. Wonderful to hear of the changes (adding Bahai dates!) and of a rare company that listens to its customers and continually fine-tunes an already quality product maintaining standards that are as rare-as-a-unicorn in a world that has diluted theirs… bowing low in gratitude.

  3. Thanks for speaking for us, and to make my request really clear, I checked out your monthly planners and they seem to ONLY contain monthly pages, which doesn’t work for me. I need a month on a two page spread to put due dates for school assignments and appointments, and I need a weekly section to put my homework from each day.
    I appreciate you trying though.

  4. Thank you and your company for its amazing responsiveness to customers!! 🙂

    I must admit I’m a bit sad to learn that there will no longer be a small notebook with very narrow ruling and bright-white Clairefontaine paper, unless I’m mistaken (I think the Exacompta Journey was discontinued a while back, too). Guess it’s time to stock up!

    Thanks again for being so willing to hear what we consumers have to say, no matter how “out there”! You are truly a rarity, and your company is very lucky to have you! 🙂

  5. Also, thank you, Karen, for going to bat for us fountain-pen nuts and for taking customer feedback so seriously. Have a great weekend!

  6. “In the interest of brand consistency, the U.S. expressed a willingness to change the paper on Habana notebooks from white to 85 g ivory paper in 2010.”

    Whether it’s white or ivory or lilac, I don’t care. But it’s still going to be better than whatever Moleskine’s using, right?

    (Oh my God– ivory-colored Clairefontaine paper would be so awesome! Can someone get on that?)

  7. As a member of the Baha’i Faith – THANK YOU!!!!

    I look forward to the ribbon bookmarks, expanded Sunday listings, and your attention to fountain pen users.

    But being able to buy a planner with my holy days in it as thrilling! I know what I’LL be giving for presents in 2012!!

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