Bastille Day Offer

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In honor of Bastille Day (July 14th) we are offering our wonderful Quo Vadis Blog readers the opportunity to sample any J. Herbin blue or red ink of your choice!


See all J. Herbin inks here.

Blue inks include:   Bleu Azur, Bleu Pervenche, Bleu Myosotis, Eclat De Saphir, et Bleu Nuit.

Red inks include: Rouge Caroubier, Rouge Bourgogne, Rose Tendresse, Rose Cyclamen, Rouge Opera, et Rouille D’Ancre.

Please send us an message using the “Contact Us” form on the blog including your name, mailing address and your choice of ink.

Thank you for all your support.   Have a great summer!

24 thoughts on “Bastille Day Offer

  1. Perhaps I am being thick, but I cannot locate the “contact us” form; the email icon only permits me to send info to a friend.

    Aidez-me, s’il vous plait . . .

  2. Excellent promotion. I have been pretty much a Noodler’s devotee, but your sample of Eclat de Saphir seems to have changed my mind. I was already a Clairefontaine fan, so the notebook was a welcome bonus.

  3. Would love to try one of these: Rouge Opera, Rouge Caroubier. Great website, and hope I too am not too late to celebrate.

  4. Greetings,
    I am hoping it’s not too late to celebrate Bastille Day and be a recipient of you wonderful offer. I love Herbin Ink but have only sampled the greens and purples. I’ve thought about branching out and would love to try Rouge Opera, a color that someone used in a letter recently. J’aime l’encre!!!
    With appreciation and warm regards, Gini

  5. Bleu Myosotis, merci. This is an amazing offer!!!! Viva la France! Viva Bastille Day!

    123 Clarks Falls Road
    North Stonington, CT 06359

  6. I just requested an Eclat de Saphir but did not leave my address — and am hoping I might relay it via regular email. thanks, ymm

  7. My sample of Rouge Opera arrived today! Thank you *very* much, I wasn’t expecting more than a small sample, 1cc at the most. You blew me out of the water with a whole bottle and a small Clairefontaine notebook — the exact model which I was going to order in a larger purchase next month!

    You’re amazing; thank you very much!

  8. Thank You In Advance! I would love to try a bottle of
    Bleu Pervenche. I’ve heard such wonderful things about
    J. Herbin, and this will be my first bottle to try.
    Pam Huffman
    171 Victoria Ave NW
    Canton OH 44708-5173
    I’ve never actually celebrated Bastille Day — until now!

  9. What a wonderful offer! I use and love all of your blues, now I am looking forward to trying your Rouge Opera. Merci!

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