Where to go: Tejal’s attic room/sanctuary

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June’s inaugural “Where to Go” entry comes from Tejal Kuray, who writes about her attic room (and blogs here about inks, paper, pens, and art supplies).

These days I’m spending more and more time in my attic room. Originally a storage space, we completely redesigned it and added carpet, painted the walls, installed an AC, furniture, and now it’s my private abode, far above the distractions and drama that is family life. Having redecorated it myself, I feel a special kind of connection to it. Add in things such as two betta fish, several houseplants, tons of art supplies (everything from oil paints to yarn for crocheting), an overflowing bookshelf, and the colorful origami cranes hanging from the ceiling, and we have a seriously personalized private space where I can be alone with my thoughts, my fish and my plants.

More pictures of Tejal’s room, art supplies and artwork, and sea glass collection after the jump…

The top of my dresser, which has photos of family/friends, and some old art pieces:


A view of my “art supply corner,” next to the bookcase:


A nice shot of my desk, where you can see my betta fish tanks (bottom right) as well as how I’ve decorated the walls of my room with National Geographic cover images (yeah, I’m a nerd 😀 ):


A shot of my sea stone collection, gathered from various beaches, that rest atop my bookshelf:


Close up of my busy desk, and to the right is the plant I’m raising in a jar of water:


The paper lantern, origami cranes, and Indian puppets which hang above my desk:


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